Senin, 04 Juni 2012

Download Avatar The Legend of Korra 06 Subtitle Indonesia

Download Avatar The Legend of Korra 06 Subtitle Indonesia 
Well this championship match was really disappointing. While it was great to see some unique combinations for once from the Wolfbats, I wasn’t too happy it was considered cheating. This was exactly what I was looking for from my earlier criticism of repetitive pro-bending matches. I was more irked not that they were cheating, but rather seeing it shunned for the sake of safety. Really? I hear throwing fire at one another is completely safe. It’s a letdown because some of the combinations the Fire Ferrets had the misfortune of receiving was creating some excitement for the tournament. To see the rules discouraging creativeness among the elements didn’t seem right. Korra was more than eager to fight fire with fire too. Despite all that, it was satisfying to see overall weirdo Tahno getting a swift one-two combo from Korra during the tie breaker.

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